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Caintuck Audio Open Baffle Loudspeakers

Based on interest from music lovers who have visited my home listening room, as well as a
 very favorable response from attendees of the Decware Audio Fests and the 2015
Capital Audio Fest ..... I am now offering my custom built open baffle loudspeakers to the public.

Available are several versions of the low profile "barrel" shaped speakers

The standard dimensions of the speakers are 22 1/2" high and 18" wide - the base is rear mounted and 12" deep

They are light in weight with rear mounted handles, making them easy to move when not in use

The speakers are extremely efficient, having no crossover components - minimum 
92.4 DB efficiency
The dipole configuration increases the perceived sensitivity allowing the speakers
to work extremely well with low powered amplification

They can be powered with any high quality stereo amplifier of 2 watts per channel or greater

The low profile of the baffles allows the speakers to pull a wonderful "disappearing act"
producing a holographic sound stage
that "floats" above the baffles ..... extending into the
listening room, behind the front wall and past the side walls

*  As of June 1st, 2020 all new speaker orders will be constructed from solid hardwoods  *

The quality of available plywood has deteriorated and I will no longer be offering plywood baffles

* Please note that there is a variation in hue and grain patterns in all real wood products *

The photos on this website are representative of the hardwood species used, but some variation is to be expected

Prices starting at $ 599.00 per pair for finished speakers

All baffles and speakers are sold as pairs with the exception
of the "bass baffles" which are priced individually.

Caintuck Audio Price List

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Alnico magnet Betsy baffles

The Plus-8 series

Magnum-8 series

Plus baffles for larger Lii Audio drivers

The Lii Silver-10 Baffle

The Lii 12 Baffle

The Lii 15 Baffle

The Lii 15 bass baffle

The Alpha bass baffle

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Audition Sites for Caintuck Audio loudspeakers

Sapele 15Padauk Betsy
F-15 Sapele Magnum baffle
W-15 Wenge Magnum bass baffle

CAF display

Demo room at 2015 Capital Audio Fest

* In 2015, I was adding a "super tweeter" to the Betsy baffles *

* I no longer offer this because the Wild Burro Audio Labs Betsy driver sounds just fine without one *

Flat Pack Baffle Kits

I am no longer offering flat pack baffles
Only completely assembled speakers and baffles are currently available

Amplifiers that work well with Caintuck Audio open baffles

I highly recommend the Decware Audio line of vacuum tube amplifiers

Several models are available, all sound wonderful


Decware Audio website

The "Spud"

"Simple sonic elegance"

Spud  Amplifier

The Spud website

Fine sounding, unique "chip" amplifiers

Flea Watt

Flea Watt website

The Allegro amplifier

One amplifier - Multiple voicings


La Dolce Audio

Caintuck Audio Price List

Please feel free to email me with any questions


*  Please note that I have a severe speech impediment  *

Because of that, I no longer answer telephone calls

Please email questions about the products I offer ..... lengthy emails are welcome

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