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Caintuck Audio Open Baffle Loudspeakers

Based on interest from music lovers who have visited my home listening room, as well as a
 very favorable response from attendees of the 2014 through 2018 Decware Zen Fests and the 2015
Capital Audio Fest ..... I am now offering my custom built open baffle loudspeakers to the public.

Available are several versions of the low profile "barrel" and "tombstone" shaped speakers

The standard dimensions of the speakers are 22 1/2" high and 18" wide - the base is rear mounted and 12" deep

They are light in weight with rear mounted handles, making them easy to move when not in use

Standard construction is 3/4" red oak plywood in various finishes
Several cabinet grade exotic plywood finishes are also available
Solid hardwood baffles are available in limited quantities

The speakers are extremely efficient, having no crossover components - minimum 
92.4 DB efficiency
The dipole configuration increases the perceived sensitivity allowing the speakers
to work extremely well with low powered amplification

They can be powered with any high quality stereo amplifier of 2 watts per channel or greater

The low profile of the baffles allows the speakers to pull a wonderful "disappearing act"
producing a holographic sound stage
that "floats" above the baffles ..... extending into the
listening room, behind the front wall and past the side walls

Prices starting at $ 399.00 per pair for finished speakers

***  Year end inventory sale  ***

!!!    New - Alnico magnet Betsy baffles    !!!

Questions about the Betsy Baffle loudspeakers

Speakers currently in stock and shipping time for new orders

Available speaker versions and pricing

Additional Options - finishes and solid wood

Now available !!! .....  The Betsy & Buck baffles

Shipping and handling charges

Audition Sites for the Betsy baffles

Betsy PlywoodRift sawn red oak
Baltic BirchLacewwod
TigerwoodRed oak
Ebony plywoodRed oak back
Curly red oakSapele

CAF display

Demo room at 2015 Capital Audio Fest

Flat Pack Baffle Kits
Flat Pack FrontFlat Pack back

Rift cut red oak plywood baffle - unstained

Poplar base - unstained

Flat pack baffles and bases (stained or unfinished) are available for customers who wish to
purchase their own drivers. These will be marketed to music lovers
who do not have the woodworking tools to build their own baffles and would like to
have something other than a "typical" square or rectangular design.

At the current time, baffles are available for the following drivers :
Wild Burro Audio Labs Betsy 8" driver
Eminence Alpha 12" driver
Eminence Alpha 15" driver

Barrel shape (as shown above) and tombstone shape available

Flat pack unfinished baffles starting at $ 175.00 per pair plus shipping

Flat pack baffle pricing

( Drivers not included )

3/4" rotary cut Red oak plywood pair unstained with bases - 175.00
3/4" rotary cut Red oak plywood pair stained with bases - 225.00

3/4" Baltic birch plywood pair unstained with bases - 199.00
3/4" Baltic birch plywood pair stained with bases - 249.00

3/4" rift cut Red oak plywood pair unstained with bases - 199.00
3/4" rift cut Red oak plywood pair stained with bases - 249.00

All bases are 1 1/2" thick poplar

Boxes (2) with 5 way binding posts, wiring and convenience handles - 30.00
Convenience handles only (2) - 5.00

All flat pack baffles have predrilled base mounting holes made with a Forstner bit
and include mounting screws and hardwood buttons for the screw holes.

Option : matching veneer edging on baffles - add 50.00 to listed prices

Dragonfly Red

Caintuck Audio is an authorized AudioQuest retailer

The DragonFly Red USB DAC is an amazing device
Gordon Rankin of Wavelength Audio was instrumental in the design of this product

DragonFly Red Information

It can be used with Microsoft, Apple and Android devices to create
a very good sounding and reasonably priced front end for an audio system

The following items are also available from Caintuck Audio

The JitterBug USB jitter buster

AudioQuest Evergreen 3.5MM to RCA cables

For additional information :


The excellent Flea Watt amplifiers sound great with Caintuck Audio speakers

Flea Watt amp

The Flea Watt website

The loudspeakers also work very well with vacuum tube amplifiers

I can highly recommend the "Spud" amplifier ..... available as a kit or prebuilt

Spud  Amplifier

The Spud website

I also highly recommend the Decware line of vacuum tube amplifiers

Several models are available, all sound wonderful

Zen Amplifier

Decware website

Available speakers and pricing

Speakers currently in stock and ready to ship

Additional Options - finishes and solid wood

Please feel free to email me with any questions


859 620-7274

Please leave a call back number if you wish to reach me via telephone

Telemarketers are driving me crazy and I don't answer any numbers that I don't recognize .....  Smiley

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